It's bright.
For once, it's bright. It opens its eyes, seeing the sunlight peeking from the horizon. It's dawn, signaling the start of a new day.
For once, it felt not the weight chained on its scrawny legs. It flexes them, feeling the overwhelming urge to fly. Its wings, stiff from being folded for so long, felt the itch to spread.
For once, it dares to imagine how the wind would feel like against its feathers.
Just once, it dares to imagine the day it could leave the world behind.
Just once, the world seems bright.


Greetings, friends.

My apologies for the lack of posts, my procrastinating ass has been.....procrastinating. 
Anyways, these past few weeks I have been learning about slavery in class, and well, the topic lingers in my mind. But instead of the usual forms of slavery, I've been thinking about how we are slaves of our own minds. How many times have we missed our opportunities just because we were too anxious or shy? How many times have we burdened ourselves unnecessarily just because we couldn't say no? I would say too many times to even count.  

I wrote the prose up there because I had felt chained down. And when you're being held back, all you could think of is how nice it would be to be able to fly and be free. How the world would feel beautiful when you have freedom; when you can do anything you want without the weight of people's judgement. Imagine being able to drive somewhere to town and buying boba to treat yourself just because you can. Imagine being able to wear anything you want, because you can. 

Well, notice how I said "imagine"? 
Because that is how we usually think of things. We would always imagine. Instead of just imagining the possibilities, we should just do it

The bird in the cage sees how the outside world is beautiful, even when its legs were chained. That's how life is, even when we kept being held back by our own minds, the world still revolve. The sun still shines, the river still flows. Grab any chances you can, reach as far as your hands can go; because living isn't just about sitting back and let life comes to you. It's about we moving forward and grabbing life by its neck heh. 

Well, hope you guys had a great day, and even if you didn't, that's okay. You've done your best and I'm just glad you're still here with us right now, reading this mess of a blog lmao. 

Till next time, <3


  1. Yeah life is really a huge opportunity, but people tend to focus on the negatives in comparison to the positives, just because it is easier for anyone to see the negative. So even if a opportunity is bright as day, people who see it just gives up, too burdened by a cloud of "what ifs", and because they trained themselves to be negative, they only see the cons of the situation.

    Whereas some just don't do it because procrastination showed up and said hi (Aha).

    Really liked the way you incorporated bird in a cage! In some sense life is like a cage, but the difference between the bird cage and the real life's cage is that you can break out of real lifes cage with enough hard work and determination. So in my opinion, life is like a bubble, where we can break out of, but we just have to work hard to break it!

    Nice blog :D


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